Student Broadside Critique- Jenna Hayden


The text is A letter to a friend, From Charlie, an excerpt from Perks Of Being A Wallflower. The mood being conveyed is that it feels like it was handwritten in a letter. The text in the background seems like it could be a typewriter and the text on the top feels more handwritten and natural. The broadside is folded, when it was hanging up I didn’t originally think that it was purposeful but after seeing how it looks in the pdf version it comes across more obvious, a folded letter in an envelope taken out and now is the broadside.

This broadside attracted my eyes over the surrounding broadsides because of the contrast of typefaces and shades of black. It would’ve been nice to see some color on the broadside to grab my attention even more.

The visual hierarchy would appear to be the most important information is the text that is larger and in front but when I asked her about it she said there was not a real reason why some text is larger, she said it could be seen as a kind of a summary. I was slightly confused as to how I was supposed to read the broadside. I realized that I had stopped reading the information in the background and only read the information that was the larger text. If that was what Katie wanted then it’s successful, but if not maybe that is something to be considered. The large text and small text relate to each other and make sense since they are both out of the same letter.

The display level text seems appropriate in this situation because it seems as though it could have been handwritten by a boy/man which I think is what Katie was going for based off of critique the other week. The running text seems appropriate as well. Although it does not look handwritten like the display level font, it gives me the feeling that it was created by a typewriter and when I think of letters, typewriters come to mind as well. Katie did a really good job with letter spacing, line spacing and alignment, visually everything works.

Although it may not be the more visually intriguing broadside in the classroom, I thought that this broadside was very successful because everything connected back to the theme of this being a letter. The typefaces she chose, down to the way she presented the broadside, as though it was an actual folded envelope, all make this broadside successful as a whole.

It may have been cool to see it printed on a thicker piece of paper, or maybe a piece of paper that was not so stark white. Being off white could have been a cool touch, make it feel more authentic, a small splash of color/contrast would’ve been beneficial too.

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