Helvetica – Alden Paguada

Canadian Airline logo

Air Canada logo

I have chosen to use the Air Canada logo as an example to illustrate how helvetica font can easily be read, and how can maintain a very modern and contemporary look at the same time. Helvetica birth place is Munchenstein, switzerland. It was created post war world II, to in some sense reconstruct graphic design. Air Canada chose this type of font because it is legible, clean and maintains a sense of order. Air Canada being a world class airline wanted to have neutral feel to appeal not just the local Canadian market but also international market. when we look at the anatomy of the letters, there are no serif present, no descender as well. There is no scale contrast in the letters since they are all upper case, and since there is no difference in type size; the design look more tentative and arbitrary. Air Canada has a modern typeface, it feels more abstract and less organic. I forgot to mention that from the baseline to the x height and cap height are all the same since the letters are all in capital. As far as the family type, I believe this type of letters belongs to the Roman form. They are plain and is the standard version of a type face. Big companies want to achieve global recognition without compromising for what they stand for, and what better way to use a typeface that feels neutral. Besides, Helvetica is the most commonly used font.

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