Helvetica- Andrew Sears


For the evo logo I believe that the designer chose to use the Helvetica typeface because of its simplicity and also the neutral feeling that it puts off. Evo is a company that sells casual clothing and also athletic gear that is required for all sorts of action sports. The company is also deals in art, movie venues, and travel services. Because the company is involved in so many different things it would make sense for them to use a neutral typeface for their logo, and Helvetica provides that simple and unbiased look. Within the logo it is clear that the designer wanted the name of the company to be obvious. The scale of the text is large enough that it makes up half of the entire logo. The scale of the text shows that in the hierarchy of the design the name of the company is equally as important as the purely visual part of the logo. Within the evo logo the text is also used to help create a very balanced design. The lines and crown on top of the text are completely balanced and the use of the Helvetica text below allowed the designer to continue that sense of balance. The “v” in the center is naturally equal on both sides, but the “e” and “o” are not. However, the designer made them seem equal by using an “e” that is basically completely round. The type classification for the Helvetica typeface is Neo-grotesque sans-serif. There is only one type family used in the evo design and it is either regular or bold.

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