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Art Museum Visit: Callie McCluskey

I choose the work And Babies by the Art Workers Coalition to analyze the text and image relationship. The poster was created as an anti-vietnam war protesting 1969. It approapriates combat photographer Ronald L. Haeberle’s photo documenting the My Lai Massacre. The … Continue reading

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Type Anatomy: Callie McCluskey

I thought this leaf from a book was interesting because of all the care that this page has seen. The calligraphy is very uniform and the x-height of the lowercase letters is remarkably even. There are no ascenders or descenders … Continue reading

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Formstorming & Modularity: Callie McCluskey

Marian Bantjes explains in her TED Talk that her ego is what drives her work. Marian only takes on projects that she is genuinely interested in, as well as creates her own pieces on the side. Her yearly valentines are … Continue reading

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Pattern: Callie McCluskey

I am choosing to look at Mary L. Bennett’s quilts for this post. The one that caught my eye, “Housetop” was made in 1965. She started working in the fields at age ten or eleven picking cotton, farming, and pulling corn. … Continue reading

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Texture: Callie McCluskey

The picture I’m using is a picture of a succulent that I took from the Moscow farmers market. The plant is made up of leaves that start small and close together in the middle and enlarge with every row away … Continue reading

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Point, Line and Plane -Callie McCluskey

I thought this image was interesting to use for this assignment because it incorporates a bit of each point, line, and plane. The image is a bunch of boxes stacked on each other, with the shelf making a clear horizontal … Continue reading

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