Texture: Callie McCluskey

Photograph of a flower by Callie McCluskey

The picture I’m using is a picture of a succulent that I took from the Moscow farmers market. The plant is made up of leaves that start small and close together in the middle and enlarge with every row away from the center. The leaves are so packed together in the middle of the flower that you cannot see past the green tops of the leaves until the peddles move farther apart and begin to open up. The shape of the leaves starts large in width and meets together at a point at the top. The color changes slightly from a darker pink in the center to bright green and then back to a bright pink on the outside of the succulent. Each leaf is waxy to the touch and feels as if it could be made of a soft plastic. The leaves are thicker as the move away from the center but still fragile enough that you could break it open by pressing your fingernail into it. There are small hair-like things sticking up along the back of each leaf but do not show on the side facing up. There are watermarks that appear on each leaf from the last time the plant was watered, leaving behind a white, thin residue that forms in a circle the size of a water droplet. On top of the succulent is a leaf from a flower that has fallen off quite some time ago. The leaf is all dried up and has shrunk in size. The leaf feels thinner than a piece of paper and is so dry, it would easily break by pinching it. The Succulent is sitting in a thin, black plastic container. The container is flimsy in order to allow you to remove the plant once it is bought. There is also the same residue on it as was on the leaves from the last time the plant got watered.





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