History of Collage and Photomontage: Chandhni Jayakanth

Pink - 2017

Pink – 2017 This image is from Laurent Chehere’s series ‘The Flying Houses.’ The inspiration for this piece is from the urbanization policy of Napoleon III and Baron Haussman.

For this blog post, I decided to focus on ‘The Flying Houses’ series created by Laurent Chehere. Laurent Chehere is a photographer who also works on creating surrealistic images of emotions and feelings he is inspired by. He is from Menilmontant, the working neighborhood of Paris, making that location his prime focus and inspiration for most of his work. He also likes focusing on travel, foreigners accents, spices, architecture, and cinema. All his images are his original work, and he makes sure to put them together to make an image that is a representation of his childhood, current life, and future goals.

‘The Flying Houses’ project of his is a surrealistic and poetic representation of the vintage architecture of Paris. He gains his experience also from other such artists with similar scope of art. His primary work is to choose normal houses in the working class and portray the dreams and hopes of those living in those houses. He photomontages different elements like the roof, antennas, the sky, and different characters. One speciality about his images are that he makes sure the image size is huge so people can observe even the smallest details that go into making his project.

The Caravan - 2012

The Caravan – 2012 This image is a representation of the struggles between magic and tragedy. Magic represents the vision Laurent Chehere has and the tragedy represents the problems and struggles the people in the caravan are actually going through.

From the images added into this blog post, we can see how variant his work his. He shoots images of buildings, circuses, caravans, and other locations. It is an accurate representation of the rich and poor of the city of Paris. The first image of the pink house is a criticism of the 19th century urbanization policy of Napoleon III and Baron Haussman and how they changed the architecture into boring avenues and buildings. The pink smoke from the house symbolizes cry for help. The second picture majorly focuses on the tragedy and the future of the people in the caravan. Chehere also added a lot of supernatural figures and animals into his ‘The Flying Houses’ series because he wanted it to be a lot more superficial and surrealistic.





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