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Final Digital Comic Collage: Caiden Merritt

For my project, I wanted to emphasize the intention to “convey information” aspect of Scott McCloud’s definition of juxtaposition. Part of my major is to recognize the impact of all of these new digital technologies on our culture. Recently, I … Continue reading

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Physical to Virtual: Caiden Merritt

My goal for this project is to use objects that help to immerse the reader in the story I will be telling in the comic. I like how the scan turned out; it really shows the dimension and shadowing of … Continue reading

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Print Versus Digital Comic: Caiden Merritt

The two comics I created were done by drawing freehand, and the second was created using AutoCAD Sketch software. In this post I will be comparing the two, and analyzing the pros and cons of using each medium. This hand-written … Continue reading

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