Final Digital Comic Collage: Caiden Merritt

For my project, I wanted to emphasize the intention to “convey information” aspect of Scott McCloud’s definition of juxtaposition. Part of my major is to recognize the impact of all of these new digital technologies on our culture. Recently, I learned about a concept called “The Internet of Things”, which is essentially an industry that creates products based on the idea that they’re all connected to each other through the internet. Examples of these devices include smart TVs, Alexa, Ring doorbells and more. All of these devices are created to interact with one another in a sort of harmonious ecosystem of the internet. Your doorbell sends a live stream to your phone, which connects to your TV, which all link to and can be controlled by Alexa.

Project 1: Caiden Merritt

I used a rope to represent this concept of connectivity between the devices. I also included scanned pieces of newspaper articles I could find on the topic, which helps to represent the fact that this technological shift is somewhat controversial. There seem to be polarizing opinions on the matter. All of these are laid over a woven pattern because a weave is a good representation of tight-connectivity.

This project was great because it taught me how to use layer masks as a better method for editing layers without permanence. It has been extremely helpful with other projects I’ve been working on in my free time because it offers much more flexibility in terms of adding or removing elements of layers. I really enjoy improving my skills in photoshop, because it allows me to better harness my creativity. I look forward to improving throughout the semester!

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