Print Versus Digital Comic: Caiden Merritt

The two comics I created were done by drawing freehand, and the second was created using AutoCAD Sketch software. In this post I will be comparing the two, and analyzing the pros and cons of using each medium.

Written Comic by Caiden Merritt, January 2020

This hand-written comic was an attempt at humor about my terrible middle-school phase, when I got a severely messed up haircut. The liberty of freehand is nice, but also limits my artistic ability because I don’t have all the tools available to me in the digital medium.

Digital Comic by Caiden Merrit, January 2020

The reason I wrote this comic was to emotionally cope with something very annoying that my roommate does. We’ll all be sitting and chilling (usually watching TV) and then she’ll suddenly passive-aggressively say something as if it was a general statement about someone in the room.

I chose to use AutoCAD because it is a software I am familiar with, and that can easily replicate a hand-written drawing. I am still fairly new to the process, which may be why it appears to be fairly amateur. But the benefit to using it is that I could color much faster than if I did it by hand, and I could duplicate shapes and boxes to prevent redundancy.

I think if I were to change it, I would probably add the green shirt visibility a little bit earlier. I originally felt it would add to the humor if you didn’t see the shirt until the third slide, but instead it just seems confusing to me. Either way, I feel the progressive zoom of the focus on the guy with the green shirt helped to convey the tone of humor I was going for.

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