Print Versus Digital Comic: Adam Santoyo

Making a comic digitally was much easier in my experience. From a young age, I always strayed away from drawing because I felt I wasn’t good enough; however, to be fair I have never taken the time to practice. I used a website called to help me create the comic frames, and used Adobe Illustrator to position them in an overlapping pattern (mainly because I had to pay the website in order to download the comic).

Since I do most of my reading on my laptop anyways, reading comics on print vs. the web made no difference to me. Reading the first chapter of the book gave me the inspiration to position my frames in various layouts. Just positioning them a little off center gives the comic a better look in my opinion. I also used thought bubbles and speech bubbles to differentiate when my character is thinking and talking out loud.


Hand Drawn Comic : by Adam Santoyo 1/16/20

First Comic

Digital Comic: by Adam Santoyo 1/21/20

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