Print Versus Digital Comic: Jennifer Engelke

I created nearly identical comics in two forms. One that was hand-drawn and one that was done digitally. For my comics, I decided to tell the story of my move to Washington State from my home in California. After presenting my comic to the class on Friday of last week, I became aware of the fact that I was not very descriptive to where I was moving to. I was relying on my peer’s knowledge, and outside of my class, this would not make sense. The difference between my hand-drawn comic and my digital one is that I added what I was doing/where I was going. The difference between these two is that with the digital one I was able to quickly make changes and adapt my new text to my story. With the paper one, I would have had to erase and rework my comic which would not have been so easy. I think this was one benefit of making my comic digital. However, I liked that with hand-drawing it gave my comic more of a personal feel as I was writing a personal narrative with my own illustrations. 

Hand Drawn Comic by Jennifer Engelke
Digital Comic by Jennifer Engelke

I have not come across any differences between reading my comics online and on paper, but I imagine that others might come across problems where their comic might become out of order if it is posted online in separate panels. 

Reading Scott’s McCloud’s book helped me understand though that not all comics have to be separate panels that read left to right. The book mentions hieroglyphics that were illustrated to be read in a zig-zag pattern. I did not use this in either of my comics but it made me think about the many possibilities I have for the rest of the semester that I can use for my upcoming projects.

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