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WSU Art Museum: Abby Martinez

The work I chose was “Unalpabetic #1 (unabashed)” by Pat Boas.  This work is the word ‘Unabashed’ with each letter painted over the other, in various sizes, colors, weights, and cases.  The text here makes the image, the letters become … Continue reading

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Type Anatomy – Abby Martinez

While a good drop-cap is nice, and this one has a very beautiful detailed design, that has a real presence on the page, I want to focus on the intro paragraph of this text.  I really love a well crafted … Continue reading

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Formstorming and Modularity – Abby Martinez

For this post I chose Marian Bantjes The Vivid Word. She “was asked to do the cover for the US design magazine, Print, as well as given [almost] free reign over eight interior pages.” This resulted in some truly beautiful typographic … Continue reading

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Texture: Abby Martinez

Texture gives an image depth and presence.  It is a very important aspect of how we perceive art and photography.  Texture is not limited to soft, fuzzy, or coarse things like blankets and carpet. Things like glass bottles have texture … Continue reading

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Point, Line, and Plane – Abby Martinez

When I think of point, line, and plane there are 2 artists that I automatically think of: Mondrian and Kandinsky. I am going to use Mondrian’s work, “Broadway Boogie Woogie” as an example of point.  This piece is part of … Continue reading

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