Weekly Blog: Living In Line: Nick Caton

Week 13 Comic by Nick Caton 2020

This This is a hand drawn comic by me, Nick Caton. For this comic I came up with the idea in my head. I thought about things to draw and this story came to me. I decided to make a comic about a balloon that was let go by a kid. I think this has happened to most people, they let go of their balloon and do not know what happens to it after that. I wanted to show the journey of the balloon in my comic. I think that my drawings in the comic convey a sense of loss and interest. At first you get the sense of loss from the kid that let go of the balloon when they are looking at it float away. Then they get excited because they can still see the balloon and have hope that they can get it back. After the balloon gets released from the tree it floats away again and they forget about it. There is a small piece of paper on the telephone poll that says lost balloon, so this is where the sense of loss comes from. Finally, the balloon gets up so high a kid sees it from an airplane window. This is exciting for him because he would not have thought he’d see a balloon this high up in the air. Maybe it makes him think of when he lost a balloon and wonders how high his got. lastly the balloon makes it to space and pops. This is the end of the balloon’s journey.

The tools I used for this comic were pencil, normal sharpie, thin sharpie, and a red marker. When I was drawing the comic, I wanted the balloons to be the focus so that is why I only added color to the balloon. I think the sharpie makes the drawings stand out and the different thicknesses of the sharpie help show detail throughout the comic.

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