Putting It All Together: Anna Davenport

Week 15 Comic by Anna Davenport 2020

I had a lot of fun with this project! I had started making my comic about a week before we left for quarantine and so I had a pretty good head start. I originally started with the cat on the coffee table looking at the wine. I was not sure where I was going with this idea but I soon figured out that I wanted to incorporate things that had to do with me. Therefore, I used myself and my cat as characters and other things I like, such as wine, Instagram, and my birthday. The way that I expressed my individuality is through my cat throwing me a birthday party. Honestly, she is my best friend that I have at college as well as at home and so we have a close connection. I throw her birthday parties every year and so I thought it would be cute to have her throw me one in my comic. I started with the scene of me waking up and seeing how cute she looked, a daily occurrence, and then I think to myself she only looks this cute when she’s done something. That is normally true and nine times out of ten she has ripped something up or thrown up in the carpet. Everything that I have mentioned before is both my purpose/idea and as well as the form. As for the idiom, I would say that this is most definitely fiction because there is no way for Juliette, my cat, to throw me a birthday party by herself. Next in our reading was, structure, since it was not that important that the reader see me get out of bed that is something that I chose to leave out. I could have added it to add to the frames that I had. However, I felt that it was implied that I got out of bed because there were no thought bubbles around the last frame meaning I was actually looking at, not imagining what I was seeing. for the craft step in McCloud’s book, I spent a ton of time creating the cat because I had to watch hours of youtube videos on how to get that furry effect without drawing individual strokes. this was time-consuming but also really fun to learn so I’m happy I did it. I then took my iPad and drew with my apple pencil the outlines of what I wanted. for example, me waking up in bed I drew on my iPad and then transferred it to adobe illustrator so I could use the curve pen as well as the blob brush to trace over the sketch I had made. I then added way more details than I have been because I really wanted to push myself! Lastly, there is the step of the surface. I think that the biggest thing that people will see when they first get exposed to my work is that this is a fictional story about me. Especially if I were to name the comic “a day in the life of me” or something like that to explain that the comic is about me and my cat. All in all, I am extremely proud of my work for this comic and I am so excited to share what I learned.

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