Putting it all Together: Daniel Blanchard

For my final comic we were asked to make something that relates to McCloud’s quote, “no other human being can ever know what it’s like to be you from the inside. For me, something that no one else knows the feeling of is my anxiety, so I wanted to make a comic that expressed how it makes me feel. The idea/purpose behind this comic is to spread anxiety awareness and how it truly feels to have it. I tried to show the tug of war battle that happens during anxiety attacks, by having a bright, happy side and a dark, not so happy side. Using the text tool I gave each side words, these words are what I hear, trying to convince me to crossover. I used a blue color on the happy side with the sun, flowers and some green grass to give the feeling of happiness and a good day. While I made the right side red with dark clouds and thunderbolts, this gives a very scary or dark feeling. The form of this piece is a comic book, it contains all of the factors that put it in this category. As for Idiom, this comic was made to be a drawing of emotions and how they affect humans. While for the structure I wanted to stick to a simple two-panel comic, this allows for more focus on the good and the bad instead of having multiple panels. For my craft of this piece I branched out and used Adobe Illustrator, this was a little of a challenge for me but I plan on using this program later on in my career so I felt it was necessary. I used multiple tools like the brush tool, shape tool, etc. Although I may have been able to draw this comic better, I am happy I expanded my knowledge and used something that may be uncomfortable to me. I feel the overall structure of this work is well, I could have done better if I had more skill in this program I used but with what i know i feel i did my best.

This comic was different from any others I’ve done this year because it was one made based off of all that i have learned this smester. I also felt that this comic did more than just let me express something that effects me as a human. This comic also showed how far I have come as an artist, not just by the art I make but other aspects like how I think about things and the process. This comic is one of what I hope many more to come, I enjoyed making different variations of comic art pieces in class and hope to keep it as a hobby as I go further into my career.

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