Putting It All Together: Maria Alvarez

Comic done with paint by Maria Alvarez

I wanted to have more fun doing this comic so I knew I had to stay away from Illustrator. Illustrator limits the things I imagine because I’m not very good at it and it takes more time to make simple things. It took me awhile to decide if I wanted to draw, color or paint, but since I used to paint and I remember I liked it and I had all the materials in my closet; I chose to paint using acrylics. The only thing is I didn’t have was a canvas, so I got a poster paper which was huge so I cut it in half. The hardest part was to think about something about myself that I wanted to share. For some reason, talking about myself is really hard for me. It was pretty late when I started this comic and I was listening to music and I thought to myself how I wish I was out dancing instead. So I decided to share that side about me.

I was unsure of how to do this comic, so I painted the backgrounds first because in my mind I had an idea. I’ve done 3 and 4 frames comics and for this one I chose 4 frames but in a different way than I’ve done before. The idiom for my comic is don’t judge a book by it’s cover because I may be quite and not talk much, but that doesn’t mean I don’t like to go out and have fun. I painted the top frame first and then the last frame fist because I knew what I wanted to show in the begging and in the end. For the middle frame, I divided that into 2 frames. I was actually stuck on what do do for the middle frame because of the way I started for structure my comic. I did have an idea in my head, but it wasn’t a very detailed plan. I thought of different ideas that would fit the story I was trying to tell and that would make sense in the frames. Finally I came up with an idea and I painted the middle part of the comic last, which now I know it’s not the best idea. But it does force you think of new ideas which I liked because it’s things that I hadn’t thought about before.

I am not afraid to use color and that is why my comic is very bright and colorful. But there is a reason for the colors I chose. The top frame is yellow, few colors and not as bright because I wanted to show calmness. The last frame I chose red because that is a bright dark color and it goes well with what I’m trying to portray. The middle frame doesn’t have much color either because it is not as important as the others.

My comic is about myself and how I am quiet around people, I don’t really talk or try to make conversions with people I don’t know. Many people think I’m mean or rude because I’m quiet, but I just like to mind my own business and I also have social anxiety, so I rather keep to myself. But even though I may be shy and quiet, it doesn’t mean I don’t know how to let loose. Most of the time I have my earphones on listening to music and it’s usually upbeat music because I love to dance. During the night I love to go out to the cubs with my friends and have some drinks and just dance and have fun. I do have my social butterfly moments, but then again it might just be the alcohol talking. This weekly comic was more ambitious because I painted everything by hand and it was a big poster paper.

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