Putting It All Together: Daylon Hicks

For my final project, I decided make it reputation about the goal I wanted to achieve while correlating it with the class goals related with Scott McCloud. Each slide has a different meaning that I wanted to do within my image. The first slide shows the orange lines with the words showing “Sometimes learning new things can be hard.” I decided to make that creation because the first picture shows confusion because on how new things can be difficult to learn or become good at. The second slide I wanted to show a thought bubble being used because it shows my thought pertaining to the word “LEARN”. The inspiration on making the word “LEARN” multicolored goes back to the “Living In Line” comic that we worked on a couple weeks ago. When I made the third slide with each word being a different color, the reasoning for it was to show my creativity for my goal which shows up in the last slide. I wanted to try and show my creative side with this slide. The fourth slide shows how in big bold black letters when I hit my goals because of the importance the goals are to me. The sixth slide is the one that should hook the audience in my opinion because of the big bold letters and the main purpose of the comic. I wanted to show my goal which is to somehow change the world in a positive way.

Throughout making the comic, I was thinking of Scott McCloud’s quote, “No other human being can ever know what it’s like to be you from the inside” (McCloud, 194). In my opinion that quote made the most impact for me when creating this comic. It also shows how we all human because we will all make mistakes, but as long as we follow with our goals, we will achieve great things. Even with this class, I know it wasn’t going to be easy, but as I mentioned in my second slide, “The more you learn, the easier it becomes.” I chose to do the comic hand written because I feel like it is better to express myself and create an image on how people to view my goals. The comic took me a couple of days to think about because it was the last comic and I wanted think about on the impact I wanted to have for the end of the class. At first glance, the comic can be very confusing but the more you start to read the comic, you will start to understand the ambition to my goals and it shows how unique I want to be for this comic.

Overall, this weekly comic was more ambitious than my previous two because I made it 100% about my goals and it helps because when you create something that describes yourself, you will develop ideas and start to add more details to the comic. I tried to make the stick figure based off of myself because of the hair being curly and adding the crown in the fourth slide to give myself a sense of positivity on how I can look myself as being different like Scott McCloud said.

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