Putting It All Together: Brady Davis

For the final comic, I had a bit of trouble finding inspiration. I found myself just drawing until I found myself with a beautiful nature scene. I started thinking to myself why scenes like this are so rare in real life. It got me thinking about how wonderful the world must have looked before humans moved in and industrialized. Before we deforested tons of land, domesticated animals, over hunted, etc. It must have been so much more peaceful and crawling with natural life. America itself seems to be one of the last places in history to be widely uninhabited before the late 1400s. Once America was independent we were quick to throw up factories and industrialize the continent with little regard for the environment and now we’re starting to pay the price for those actions.

I think this is a strong narrative to push as we are so quick to take advantage of the Earth. I think that this comic is much more ambitious than my others as it’s my largest and most detailed by far. I tried to add more subtle things as well as trying to add more. As far as techniques go once again I used Photoshop as I find it the easiest and most convenient. I used the brush tool for almost all of it besides some of the text. While it was made simply I think some of the techniques are some of my most diverse yet.

Scott Clouds Six Steps

  1. Idea/Purpose:  “The impulses, the ideas, the emotions, the philosophies, the purposes of the work… the work’s ‘content’.” – I’d say my drawing is definitely a statement piece about the downsides of industrialization.
  2. Form: “The form it will take… will it be a book? A chalk drawing? A chair? A song? A sculpture? A comic book?” – Comic book
  3. Idiom: “The ‘school’ of art, the vocabulary of styles or gestures or subject matter, the genre that the work belongs to… maybe a genre of its own.” – I’d describe the genre as a narrative environmental drawing
  4. Structure: “Putting it all together… what to include, what to leave out… how to arrange, how to compose the work” – I structured it as a typical comic and built upon the skeleton of the panels.
  5. Craft: “Constructing the work, applying skills, practical knowledge, invention and problem-solving” – This was where I took a bit more creative liberty and just let ideas flow in real time when I was thinking of what to create.
  6. Surface: “Production values, finishing… the aspects most apparent on the first superficial exposure to the work” – This is wear I struggle the most. My quality is limited by my skills in art at the moment which aren’t very strong, however practice makes perfect!

About Brady Davis

WSU Digital Technology and Culture 2022
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