Putting It All Together: Yanir Govrin

My Brain by Yanir Govrin
  1. for this comic I had one main idea and that was to showcase how my brain works and something that happens to me often in one and one conversations even while I am the only one talking. While talking to people I often tend to think about things that are largely unrelated but get there through a thought process that to me makes perfect sense. However due to the fact that it is all internal I end up confusing whoever I am having a conversation with resulting in me subsequently explaining my thoughts to hopefully help them make sense of why I suddenly changed the subject.
  2. The form here is simple; I made a comic.
  3. as for the school of art or genre this belongs to I’d like to think it’s funny. This is something that happens tome fairly often and is something I find myself having to explain. I often explain my thought process to the other person for it to actually make at least some sense to them.
  4. As far as the structure I think It is for the most part a simple linear comic with the exception of the middle section. For the section in between the second and third panel there is a flow of its own which follows the red arrows. This represents my thought process and as such can only be seen from the inside so instead of a normal panel showing this I had the reader follow my thoughts.
  5. For craft I used illustrator. This was my first time trying to create something in illustrator so it was honestly kind of rough. I wasn’t confident in using the pen tool but to draw with the brush I only had my mouse. As such the art suffered a little but i was still able to add simple expression in the last panel with the thickening of the brush and more extreme open mouth.
  6. on the surface this is a simple comic. The characters are nothing more than outlines and all of the text is typed. In total there are only 5 colors and what I think is an easy to follow structure

This was more ambitious than my previous comics for one reason, structure. For the most part I like to make linear and easy to follow comics as I have done for almost every comic this semester. With this comic I tried to make it a little more than just a linear comic through adding the free form thought process in the middle. This is a break from the linear storytelling of the panels as it pulls you away from the characters and instead brings you instead to follow my thoughts before returning to the characters. The middle section also breaks the panels in half making time seem to pass differently through the middle section. In all of the panels time seems to be passing at the same speed as it is a conversation however for the thought process or middle part it is faster. I chose to demonstrate my thought process as pinball because it seems really random and travels quickly with an erratic path. This middle section makes the comic a little more complicated as it makes it not just linear but also with the internal workings of one of the characters within the comic. This is more complex than my previous comics which were all linear.

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