Putting It All Together: Blaine Casil

For this weeks comic I chose to look back at my past a little bit. This comic means a lot to me because it represents my relationship with my dad. Growing up, my dad has always given me advice to help guide me on a good path. Even till this day he always gives me advice, yet the ones I used within the comic are the ones that stuck with me and are always making me reflect on what I do. For the first scene, my dad always used to tell me that I can be what I want to be as long as I worked hard. The way I portrayed how this piece of advice has affected me, I split the figure up into four parts. The upper portion is graduation, the second portion is the achievements I have gotten while playing sports, the second portion is me realizing my passions and the bottom portion is my bags packed and ready to travel. The second piece of advice that I alway keep with me is that my dad would always make friends wherever I go because one day, I would be able to look back and count on them. I portrayed that by putting comments from people I have met and have formed bonds with. On the last few panels I drew me talking to my dad and thanking him for all the advice he has given me that has helped me to grow. 

I used Scott McCloud’s six steps to create my comic. His six steps are, Ideas, form, idiom, structure, craft, and surface. The idea of my comic was to portray how advice that is given to us can help guide us if we choose to listen to it. The form that I chose to put it into was a comic strip because I feel that it was able to show the audience what I want to in the simplest way. The idiom that I used was to think about a family friendly comic that is able to appeal to all audiences. The structure of my comic was set up differently than the comics I have previously made, with the left panels being the main focus while the right panels were flashbacks until it got to the last three frames. The way I crafted it was by drawing it with pencil first in order to create what I wanted to, while being able to go back and change it. Once I was content with what it looked like I traced it over with a pen to give it more definition and also make it easier for the audience to look at and read. For the surface, I hope that the audience is able to connect with it on a different level. I wanted to be able to get the audience to think about the advice that they were ever given and how it has shaped them and help to make them who they are today.

Piece of Advice
Created by Blaine Casil
Spring 2020

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