Putting It All Together: Trent Madison

Madison-Trent-Week15-comicThough it could be argued that my comic is not something particularly about myself, it can be personalized when i give it context. My comic illustrates life prior to Covid-19  as  being somewhat peaceful and  not much happening in my life. The second frame is about march when things really started to change. The last section of the comic is showing something that keeps me up at night, which is if everything will eventually return to normal or if well all be driven crazy and not ever be able to overcome this crisis.

I used thin lines in the first sector to give a relaxed  or happy type of feel to it. especially illustrated by the smile drawn on my face. In the last section however I drew thick lines that aren’t perfectly straight and don’t end at the same point so that it would give a sense of chaos and panic. I also used words to describe what I’m trying to illustrate that I am thinking.

The structure of the overall comic was inspired by what is in my head the three phases of Covid that I feel like I have Experienced because life as we knew it was going somewhat normal day to day in January as my first box is labeled. Once we got to March things started getting a little strange and would eventually turn into a crazy month that we end of having a stay at home order put into place and sports got canceled and all of these different markets are effected by this virus. So I would consider that  when it really hit us hard so that is the section I dedicated to Corona itself showing that it hit us in March 2020. The third section is in May because that is the current month that we are in and I wanted to give that contextual clue that it’s still a thought that I am having because we just had the stay at home order extended when it was supposed to be lifted today, just recently stores here started restricting the number of people that can go inside at one time and the world just feels like its in a chaotic, dark place currently so that is why I made that last section May.

I made the comic in Illustrator using the shape builder tools to make things such as my characters faces, and the actual Covid-19 virus. For other elements such as the body of my first character i used the paint tool and drew the body with the stylus for my Surface Pro. I also used the paintbrush tool to create the lines in the background of the final section. I used gradient fill on the first face because i wanted to give the effect as if the sun was shining down on the characters face.

This comic was more ambitious than my last two because I thought the concept was more relevant to the real world and I used not only lines or only text, but combined them both with other elements. I used not only solid colors, I used gradients and tried to go one step further on this project than on the past two that felt like my ideas were not the best.

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