Putting It All Together: Kirk Brown

Today I am posting my final blog post for this class. This week I decided to challenge myself by using Illustrator for the final comic. I once again realized why I never use this program. I absolutely hate it, and have never been able to utilize the tools of the software to create the icons, symbols and other characteristics I want. Believe it or not I spent 10 hours creating this comic. 10 hours… This is no where near what I can consider my best work, however, it was the best I was able to come up with today. I have never been more frustrated about using a program on an assignment in my life.

A public service announcement by Kirk Brown, 2020

I expressed my reality in this comic. I am Tom. I work as a cashier at a grocery store and I am tired. Not all, but a select group of individuals come through my lines and complain about how bad everything is all day. I am tired of hearing it. I think we as society need to check our privilege. This was my idea and purpose coming into this assignment. My form was lacking as I am not artistic at all and cannot use the brush tool in Adobe Illustrator. The pen tool did not help much either. Every time I was editing my lines everything would collapse and force me to restart. My idiom was the message I chose to display, which was please be more self-aware of those around you. We are all struggling right now, help one another. I made a very easy structure to follow and read. My craft came mostly from the use of the pen tool and the brush tool. I was not able to create much detail because I really can’t draw, and I especially can’t with a track pad on my laptop. On the surface my finished product is stick figures explaining a public service announcement.

While this isn’t the product I wanted to come out with for my last comic I will say this week challenged me beyond belief. I think the problem was I am not nearly experienced enough with the program to be able to utilize all the tools to their fullest capacities. In the end, I learned creating digital media is much harder and I have a great deal more respect for graphic designers. Taking a step out of my comfort zone for this comic may not have worked but it has given me essential knowledge on Adobe Illustrator moving forward.

Stay safe and healthy Cougs, see you next Fall in Pullman.

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