Northwest Alternative Comics: Kylie Michael

Going to the museum was new for me. I hadn’t been to the art museum on campus. I don’t think I have really ever been to an art museum ever before. I didn’t really know what to expect. On this visit there was all the artwork pulled out and placed on the table. Then on the side table there were comic books for us to look at. I started by looking at all the comics they had pulled out. They all were different and told many stories. None of them really stuck with me. Then when looking at the books I came across one that was different then any of the other that I have seen. After getting some more information on the book I found out that the original was made of all paper cut out. So that is why I really liked it. Usually you see comics hand drawn or digitally done. It was also cool to see that something made of paper had so much detail but also was simple. The one picture that I took was one with waves. The paper was cut to look like the ocean and the different layers of paper added the texture. I had a new appreciation of the comic after I found out that it was made out of all paper.

In this book there weren’t the normal time frames that you would think of. Each page was a different frame. They each had a story in it. To me they all had an ocean plot to it. The closure of each page made you feel like each page had its own story but that all the pages flowed together. I was really surprised by the museum. It was really neat to see all different comics in one place. I had a good chance to look and get ideas of comics that I would want to read and learn more about.

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