Weekly Blog- “Show and Tell”: Kylie Michael

What Day is it? by Kylie Michael

Made May of 2020

This is a simple comic that uses words and pictures to tell the full story. It is a comic of a girl looking at a calendar because she doesn’t know what day it is. There are question marks all around showing that there is some confusion. I knew that I needed to draw a comic that used both and I instantly thought of quarantine. In my family we always joke that we don’t know what day it is because everyday feels the same. We don’t have a schedule like normal so we start to get confused. With this comic if the words weren’t there you might not be able to get the full meaning. You would have to intercept it yourself. Many people might think it has a different meaning, which is great, but I wanted to tell one story with mine. As for if the words were just there and no picture you might be lost. You might think there needs to be more to it to fully understand what it means. The sentence tells a story but you might be able to think of many different pictures that could go with it. These two things go together. You would be able to tell a story without one another but it would be the story that I wanted to tell. The comic isn’t complete without both parts. This is hand drawn because I do not have Adobe yet. I used my lines to help tell the story. I wanted the whole picture to tell the story and not have many other things going on. I used a simple line for the mouth to tell that it was a sad confused look. I also put the text in a bubble to tell that she was thinking it, not just it being there. With this there aren’t any panels. However, the comic itself pans from one thing to the next.When I first look at it I go to the face and then try to see what is going on. Then the hand points to look at the calendar and I still am a bit confused, so then I jump to the words to read what is going on. As for time in this comic, it doesn’t span over a length of time but the words tell you that she has felt this way for a long time. I used word-picture combinations to tell the full story that I wanted to tell.

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