Weekly Blog: Living In Line: Kylie Michael

The Evolution of Sleeping by Kylie Michael

Made May of 2020

This is a hand drawn comic of the Evolution of sleeping. There are many different emotions in my comic. In the first picture you see a baby sleeping. The emotion with this is happiness and peace. With the soft lines and cloud under the baby you can feel that the baby is sleeping peacefully. I drew with light simple lines to create a sense of peace. In the second picture I drew with the emotion of tiredness. You can tell that the teen is in a deep sleep. You can’t tell if it is a happy or crazy dream. I drew a simple sketch with a small amount of detail. The teen is stretched out and you can tell that the teen really needed the sleep. In the third picture I wanted to portray that it is a loud sleep. I used harsh lines and made them darker. There are zig zag lines around the head, showing that the man is in a deep sleep. You can also get a sense that the snoring is loud. This is given through the dark lines. The last picture is of an old man sleeping in his chair. This picture also shows a peaceful sleep. With the light lines you can tell that he is just asleep. I have personally seen my grandpa fall asleep in his chair while watching tv. When drawing this is what I was picturing. I used the simple lines because I wanted to tell him that he just fell asleep.

As for my overall techniques I focused on the lines. I hand drew it because I felt the simple detail really helped tell the story. I wanted someone to be able to tell that it is a simple drawing and not something that every detail matters. I drew softly when I wanted it to be a peaceful picture. I would draw more harsh and darker if I wanted to add a louder deeper feeling to it. You can tell that I did try to tell a story, but you can also tell that it didn’t take me a long time to do. I quickly drew panels around them to separate them. It helped tell them apart and tell there was some time in between each one. I focused on four main phases rather than telling a story with every detail. I wanted to use lines to create a better understanding of the emotion in my comic.

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