Putting it all Together: Benjamin Apostol

In my final comic, I wanted to incorporate all of the different skills and techniques I used in my former comics, as well as the same style of art. My comic follows a knight character through a short journey to far far away to find a missing princess. The comic idea was going to be something much different, showing off the art style in a few different mid evil themed settings. How ever, the scope of the project changed because I wanted to make something of the same style, yet comical. The point of the comic is that the knight travels a long distance to find a princess that is in no peril at all, and comes to find that she is in need of no help. The idea of the project is a little joke to the popular theme of damsel in distress. Perhaps the most detailed of the slides is the small tiles that make up the road in one of the slides. I tried to pay attention to detail and at the same time make the comic and the scenes seem very simplistic in structure. The character building is extremely basic and all are made out of small similar shapes. Even though I tried to keep the art style simplistic, the methods of story telling happens by the change of scenery in each of the slides. In the last couple of slides there is a clear telling of how the knight is traveling, while in the first couple of slides, the scenery changes have much more impact because of the larger changes to the background, showing the passing of time. The final message of the comic in the last slide is supposed to show how the entire journey that the main character undergoes is a waste of time, or not needed.

Keeping the art style simple was not the hardest part of the comic, but the aspect of storytelling in such a small space in a way that makes sense. The way that I chose to tell the story is using the changes in each of the environments to show the passage of time. This is a difficult way to represent time in a comic because if you make the changes too drastic, then the comic becomes a jumble of different slides that appear to have nothing to do with one another. The way that I tried to create a link between each of the different scenes is add familiar objects or representations of objects throughout to show the not so subtle changes between each of the environments that the main character must overcome in order to reach the goal. The goal of the comic was to show the work and the time passing of an individual all for a cause that was not necessary. The comic does not feature very much dialog throughout because I wanted the viewer to get the idea of the scope through the different changes that the main character goes though in each of the slides. The dialog is mostly there to enhance the story telling and to give a little character to the knight. It is light hearted and supposed to make you question the journey that the main character undergoes, while still appreciating the different milestones in the journey and the simplistic art style that still delivers enough information to let you know what is happening in an easy and fun way. To make the changes in time seem more relevant, there is a lot of changes in color pallets that give you the idea of the areas and time of day. Overall the comic is simple and the message is short and comical, but creating a fun comic with a simple message relies a lot on the surrounding details that clue you to the point of the comic.

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