Weekly Blog: Show and Tell: Nick Caton

Week 14 Comic by Nick Caton 2020

For this week’s comic I had a hard time trying to figure out what to draw. I decided to go with a scary theme and thought of the classic horror movie scenes in movies. I picked a scary basement door and rocking chair as my main subjects because a scary movie isn’t complete without either of these. I used independent word-picture combinations int he first and forth frames. In the first frame these two people are walking into the house and the women says she thinks the house is haunted. This starts the comic because it tells you what the comic will be about. The next frame shows the rocking chair squeaking in a creepy crawly font. The same thing then happens to the door and the couple get freaked out. They then decide to check it out because it is a scary movie theme and that is just what they do in scary movies. When they investigated the open basement door all you hear is a scream. This way I left the ending of the comic up to interpretation for the reader. I like when comics and movies do this but at the same time, I want to know what happens. This all depends on your imagination.

I used other word-picture combinations in the comic. The second and third frames use picture specific word-picture combinations. I used sound effects in these frames to try and show what kind of sounds the chair and door made to get the couples attention. The words used are specific to the picture because they are different when it comes to the sound of the chair and the door. These are the sounds I thought they would make in a scary movie. I like in comics when they use the big POWs and BANGs as sound effects. This is one of the reasons I made the specific font for the sounds because I wanted it to fit the theme and not be plain and boring.

The tools I used for this comic are pencil, thin sharpie, normal sharpie, and a red pen. I used the red pen to outline the sounds in the comic because they are the scariest parts and I wanted to highlight them. Red is a normal color when it comes to scary movies usually because of the blood but I think it fit and made the sound stand out.

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