Putting It All Together: Nick Caton

Week 15 Comic by Nick Caton 2020

For this week we were asked to express something about our individuality. For my comic I decided to make it about my favorite team, the Seattle Mariners. Something that you should know about the Seattle Mariners first is that they have never won the World Series or have even been to the World Series. For my comic I had the idea of it being a dream. I had this idea in my head for a long time, but I did not know what my dream would be about. I decided to make the dream about the Mariners winning the World Series. I had to pick a team they would be playing so I chose the LA Dodgers of the National League. I chose the year 2023 because we are currently in a rebuild process so I thought that maybe they could be a good team again in the 2023 season. I chose Julio Rodriguez who is one of our best prospects in the minor leagues right now. He is a young player that is very talented so I thought him hitting the walk off home run would be fitting. For the form of this comic is within a dream. I chose this form because I thought it was an interesting concept that you do not see all the time. I thought that it will add more to the representation I am trying to portray because it is something that I want to happen, thus being a dream. I think the way I used the frames as clouds as well as adding words and actions outside of the frames helped a lot to this comic. I like when comics are kind of wild and you have to try hard to follow the path, they want you to follow. It is a normal path you would think you are following in comics but with twists throughout. Some of the styles and gesture I used were in the text. I used normal text for a lot of the comic. I tried to implement logos and things in the ballpark that mattered to the idea. I like when comics have big action words, so I used CRACK and MY OH MY in the comic. The CRACK is the sound of the bat after he hits a home run. I used the famous quote, “MY OH MY,” from the late announcer of the Mariners, Dave Niehaus. Dave Niehaus is not alive anymore, but his most famous quote is when he would say MY OH MY after something amazing. This also adds to the dream aspect because maybe in my dream Dave Niehaus is the commentator. When I was putting it all together, I decided to use the logo for the world series, the scoreboard, the count, and the view of the batter hitting the home run. I think these are the perfect things to show what is going on in the comic. I wanted to show that it was the World series, so I used the logo. I wanted to show that it was a tie ballgame, so I showed the scoreboard. I wanted to give suspense, so I used a full count on Julio Rodriguez and showed that. I think all the parts I used came together perfectly. The tools I used for this comic are sharpies, pencil, and a little bit of red marker. I wanted to use the red marker because I used it in my previous two comics so I thought I would keep the trend going and they worked with he laces on the baseball. This comic is more ambitious than the others to me because there is a lot more going on and it makes it a challenge for the reader. I wanted to make this comic a little chaotic with a lot of things for the reader to think about. I used multiple frames and also text that went outside of the frames to make it look chaotic since the story it was portraying is so exciting. The conclusion of this comic is that it was all just a dream yet there was so much that made it feel real.

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