Putting It All Together: Jon Preng

“Musical Emotions” designed by Jon Preng, 2020.

For my week 15 comic, I decided to use music as a way to express feelings and attitude for an individual. On page 194, Scott McCloud stated, “no other human being can ever know what it’s like to be you from the inside.” Although music can affect people in a similar way, each person is different with how they interpret music.

For my comic, I wanted to focus on the idea of individuality and internal feelings. With that being said, my idea was to have someone like an unpopular song. If someone truly likes something, they should stick with it and not follow the popular opinion. Not only is the person different from the rest, he also has some happy memories from listening to the song. This part ties in to the “internal feelings” section of the prompt. The audience does not know who the woman is in my work, but that is for them to determine. It could be an ex, a loved one or a friend. What truly matters is how they feel in the inside. In an earlier chapter, Scott McCloud mentions how simple artwork can be more relatable to the audience. People may relate to the experience, even if it is not the same song by Drake.

I used McCloud’s “Six Steps” as a way to frame my work. Looking at step 1, which is form, it is about the impulses, ideas and emotions. To show emotion, I used a concept from “Living in Line” to express how my person is feeling. In the first panel, the lines in the background are wavy. However, at the end of the comic, the feelings are different once he thinks about the good times. The lines are changed dramatically.

This comic is more ambitious compared to my other two because I spent more time on it. My last two comics only consisted of black, white and grey. In this comic, I wanted to add color to help spread my message. Another reason why I put in more effort into this comic is that I include more details. For instance, instead of leaving my person bald, I decided to throw on a beanie and give him a nice shirt. I played around with the gradient tool to experiment with the color. I think my comic from this week is more fun to look at and read compared to the previous two.

The techniques were pretty much the same throughout all of my work. I like to use the shape tools, paint brush and text. To create the comic panels, I use rectangles in black and white for the boarder. Something I did not use in this work was the 3D effect, which I use way too often. To help with the process, copy & paste came in handy, so I didn’t have to repeat anything. I like to work diligently so it helps me out greatly. I also think not including “The End” made it better. Overall, I am pretty satisfied with this piece.

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