Putting It All Together: Ivan Franco

Final Weekly project image, Ivan Franco, Adobe Illustrator

This final project I wanted to do something totally different and yet interesting to me. I did not want to make any panels or deal with characters. I wanted to see what type of obscure design I could make with illustrator and utilize the tools that the Adobe program provides. This project took the longest to complete and even now it is not completely refined.

The tools I used for this image include: pen, brush, swatches, ellipse, and various shapes that I turned into pattern tools. I put in squares, stars, and certain shapes to achieve a look that I wanted. Some of the lines are basic brush strokes and others are custom made strokes. I wanted to make a symmetrical design that would act as a sort of illusion. The eye is drawn to the center and explores out of the spiral. Time is present in the center and moves outward, defying the typical left to right linear reading style. I also made the center more and more distorted to make the center seem as the raw newer part. I like to think the image is a star.

For this final project I wanted to use color like I hadn’t previously. Having so many different shapes and lines allowed me to do that. I stuck to color palette that I liked, a sort of watermelon fruit with a glow. The image took me two days to complete and required a mock up drawing with some concepts that started with having some words orbit the image. I left those out since I personally found it unnecessary and a bit corny.

Overall, I like this image and while it is not a traditional comic panel with a story. It does utilize lines, color, shape perception and time. All aspects that we learned about in Scott McCloud’s book.

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