Physical to Virtual: Kylie Michael

Scanned by Kylie Michael, February 2020

I brought in a variety of items from my dorm room. I wanted things that told a story about who I was. Many of the items I brought in were pink. I had two reasons for this. The first reason was because pink tells a bit about me. It has always been my favorite color. The other reason is because when you take a picture of pink it doesn’t seem to look the same color. The color pink seems to show up too light or too dark. I brought in things like my lanyard, a sticker, a granola bar wrapper, and a pink camo shirt. When I scanned it there was a big difference in the color. On the first day I scanned a pink camo shirt of mine. I could tell that the lines of the leaves showed up more when I scanned it. I think this is because the resolution was changed. In a photo the pixel size is much different, so when you zoom in to see the details it starts to get fuzzy. When scanning it you can change the pixel size so when you zoom in the details say sharp. I now want to consider scanning items that have more detail. I have a small blanket that has pastel colors that was hand stitched and has some small flowers on it. I think it would be interesting to bring out the detail of the hand stitching. I would like to be able to have items that I can show the large version of and then use the scanned item to zoom in and show the details that are hidden in a normal picture. Things like a blanket stitching to the camo details on a shirt. Scanning an item changes the resolution and adds more detail then a normal picture shows.

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