Closure and Time Frames: Kylie Michael

The graphic novel I chose for this class is Real Friends by Shannon Hale. I have never read a graphic novel before and didn’t know what to choose. I knew that I didn’t like the superhero genres or sci-fi. Real Friends is about Shannon, a young girl going through school and the struggles of finding real friends. This book is a graphic novel but also touches real life struggles in an entertaining way. This is a good read for any age girl. I think it is geared more towards middle school girls but I enjoyed it at my age. I struggled with making friends through the years. Girls can be mean to each other and tend to move from one friend to the next. This book did a good job of addressing the issues and showed how it made them feel and trying to be a better friend. One interesting example of closure in the graphic novel Real Friends is on page 6. Shannon is starting kindergarten for the first time and having to leave the security of her mother. The author Shannon Hale uses subject to subject to create closure. At the top of the page it is Shannon  being held in her mother’s arms, then a picture of Shannon sleeping then being tossed with books and crayons. Finally Shannon stands up dressed ready for school. The picture flows with no boundaries or panels. The mother’s dress is most of the frame, and Shannon and her changing is all part of her dress. Your imagination creates  the process of infancy to childhood to ready for school.  Another interesting example is time frames in the book is that the author doesn’t use frames at different times in the book or panels. It gives you as a reader the opportunity to look at the images without any boundaries, your eyes can move freely over the pages.

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