Final Digital Comics Collage: Kylie Michael

For my comic I wanted to focus on one of my hobbies. I got a sewing machine when I was eleven years old. My friend Elizabeth’s mom gave me sewing lessons. I have created many projects using my sewing machine. I love to create personal gifts for the people I love. Going to the fabric store is like a seperate world where all your senses get to experience. So many different colors and patterns popping out and calling me to just touch them. The designs whisper to me, the special people in my life who I would choose to create for. My hands glide against each fabric begging to be touched.  So many different options my mind is spinning and dancing with all ideas and creations possible. Picking patterns of fabric is like working with photoshop. When I pick the main fabric I have to pick a complementary fabric so it doesn’t become too confusing or overwhelming to the eye. I want it to contrast a bit too. Making a quilt I have to make adjustments to the size of the main fabric and contrast fabric.  Adding a bow or ribbon to a quilt adds more depth to the quilt and texture. Cutting and measuring fabric is also like using photoshop. In Understanding Comics by Scott McCloud in chapter  two it describes inanimate objects, the author writes “ All the things we experience in life can be separated into two realms, the realm of the concept and the realm of the senses.” (39) Creating a project with  fabric and thread taking the concept of a blank slate to a final project is like someone creating a comic. The finish project means something to me but the person I give the gift to means something totally different.

I have used Photoshop before and am pretty comfortable using it. I like composing in a digital environment. Usually when I am composing the picture I have already adjusted the light, size and shape. I guess I have a love / hate relationship with Photoshop.  I like the ability to create with Photoshop and make new photos with it. I don’t like that you can manipulate a photo. I feel that a photographer is an artist. Using photoshop anyone can manipulate a photo and take the creativity away from that photographer.

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