Show and Tell: Diana Alonso

Comic created by Diana Alonso April 2020

For this weekly blog, I decided to come up with a story related to today’s recent quarantine. Basically, my story is describing how the sun feels since everyone is in quarantine, and the outside is to be avoided. In my image I used various techniques to put together my story. Some include the brush tool, lasso, shape, shape builder, and a few other more. Without being able to use these tools I would not have been able to complete my comic as I wanted. In one comic panel you can see how there is a brown square/rectangle that you may not know what it is, but in another panel I added the same shape, but that one indicated what it was, with the use of words, such as “dock”.

One of the tools that I used the most was that gradient tool, which allowed me to make my lake seem more livelier, rather than if I used a plain blue color. Another way I used the gradient tool was for my sunset. This also allowed me to show how the sun was about to set, after being alone all day since there was no humans around. This allowed me to have a more defined sunset, instead of just using a plain blue color, which may have been confusing.

Something that I had noticed when using these digital tools was that in order for some tools to work, or to make a more drastic change to your images, you must use other tools combined in order for it to work. A few combined tools that I used often were the selection tool, the lasso tool, and the shape builder tool. I used this combination of tool so I can recreate different shapes that may have been more difficult for me to create. One example that I used these tools on was to create my crescent moon, I created two circles first, and deleted sections as I went.

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