Blog 8 Weekly Comic: Show and Tell: Brady Davis

For my weekly comic, I decided to pick a topic everyone can relate to. I chose to depict the work / school week in the three phases that I and most people use to judge the status of their work / school week. For me it comes in the form of Mondays, which are always the slowest day of the week as it comes off the heels of the weekend where everyone was having fun without priorities. It also marks the longest point of the week from being care free again. Wednesdays are always that halfway point which aren’t the worst and are signs of things to come. On Wednesdays I usually start making plans for the upcoming weekend and the end is in sight. Fridays are usually a vacation day in that the whole day doesn’t seem like any other day of the week. Everyone is usually more laid back and care free and is looking forward to getting out of class. It’s hard to be in a bad mood on a Friday.

I used my typical 3 frame layout to draw this one where each frame is representative of one of the aforementioned days. Mondays are the worst. Wednesdays (hump days) aren’t so bad, and Fridays are the bee’s knees! I found this to be a good example of interdependent word picture combinations as without the text to label the days and talk about them, the comic would have an entirely different meaning and probably wouldn’t even make sense. I found the two to be very intertwined needing one another to give the full effect. Similarly, the text bubbles make the relationships and juxtapositions between each frame blatantly obvious as they were meant to. Once again, I used Photoshop as my primary tool to draw as illustrator was still being glitchy on my MacBook.

About Brady Davis

WSU Digital Technology and Culture 2022
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