Weekly Blog: Show and Tell: Dean Janikowski

So for my comic I used 4 different squares to make a quick an easy flow of how to read my comic. 2 boxes on the top and two below. For my comic the first square is a person at the store asking to see who the owner is. In the next box to the right is a stinky old man who smells and has lots of flies around him. The third box is a guy who looks like a felon and is all chained up and dirty. The last image is a guy in a suit with money floating around him. The last box is intended to make it look like he is for sure the owner of the company based entirely off of his looks and the money floating around. The comic uses interdependent word picture images by detailing the looks and conveying text through image which h helps you answer the original question which is, who is the owner of the company. The other word picture combinations in the image is the text over each image of potential business owners and it says “are you” over every single box. The specific tools I used was shading, details, and a lot of interdependent word picture combinations. I accomplished all of this by using paper and a pencil. The closure between each box was very minimal as all the boxes were placed directly next to each other giving it no room which kind of caused you to move to the next three boxes a lot quicker. I would say with this comic I used all of the tools I have learned over this year and combined them all to create this comic. With the comic I thoroughly enjoyed making this comic and being able to test out the characteristics of interdependent word picture combinations.

Comic by Dean Janikowski
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