Weekly Blog: Show and Tell: Jennifer Engelke

Weekly Comic 14 composed on Adobe Illustrator by Jennifer Engelke.

I chose to make a comic this week that displayed the interdependent word-picture combinations concept of parallel. Parallel is when “words and pictures seem to follow very different courses” according to Scott McCloud. I showed this in my first 4 frames when the girl is doing everyday tasks: talking on the phone, watering her plants, browsing the web, and reading a book. The words surrounding her do not fit the theme of the panel which might confuse the reader at first but then they realize by the end that the girl was just composing her grocery list in her head throughout the story. I used a lot of the paintbrush tool in Illustrator for this weekly comic. While it was an easy way to create the shapes I wanted, it was also a very easy tool to write letters with. I used the paintbrush tool in the final frame and wrote out the grocery list for the girl. I like how this gives the girl more personality. The reader of my comic would not automatically think that it is my writing but it is the girl’s, allowing them to sympathize and realize that this character (even though she really isn’t) is human. In addition to this, I also believe I have covered the concept of closure in my weekly work. I allowed the reader to understand that in between panels there is time occurring and that this comic takes place over the course of the girl’s day. Each panel is a new activity in the girl’s day and the reader must visualize that there were steps the girl took in-between to get to where she is in the next panel. I am very pleased with the work I have created this week. I find my story to be relatable, and hopefully, my readers can also relate. I believe that I have incorporated this week’s reading concepts and past concepts into my work.

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