Weekly Blog: Show and Tell: Trent Madison

Madison-Trent-Week14-Comicresized The comic that I created was interdependent on the text and images. It starts by showing a character with a panicked expression on his face but you would not know why he was worried unless i put the bold text stating that he was worried about burning some cookies that he had put in the oven.  In the second frame you might not have been able to tell that the second character was opening an oven unless I made him mention that he was doing so. You may not have known the cookie shown in the bottom left was oatmeal raisin, if i hadn’t put any text saying that they were.

The first frame illustrates a Word-Specific combination because the picture does not add meaning to the story but just gives it a visual to an already established dialog. The third frame illustrates a Picture-Specific combination because the picture of the cookie shows that it is oatmeal raisin and the speech bubble of text just adds context to the story and asks about the cookies and doesn’t explain the frame itself. The final frame shows a Duo-Specific combination because Without the second character saying that they are oatmeal raisin it may be unclear which type of cookie they are but it says that they are oatmeal raisin, however without the picture you may not be able to indicate that the character is saddened by the news of them being oatmeal raisin.

I used the oval shape builder tool to create the faces of the characters and used the selector tool to choose points on the shapes and move them to warp the shapes. I used the paint brush tool to paint the squiggly lines on the cookie to create the look of the raisins. I also used the rectangle tool to make the oven that the character is pulling the oven out of.  I thought that using the shapes and putting them to together and grouping them created nice looking objects that I could adjust the size of.

The tools I used were easy to use and put together shapes to make objects.


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