Weekly Blog: Show and Tell: Daylon Hicks

My comic this week shows the plan of a riding a wave between two brothers. Although you can not see the two brothers, it is clear that they speaking to each other through the text bubbles. One of the things you may notice throughout the comic is how the red and purple text bubbles rotate each time. The purpose of this was to broadcast how they focusing on everything else except for the main wave. It is shown as in the end, the moon is out and the other brother says, “We done enough today.” Another thing that I wanted to broadcast is the squiggly lines on the bottom. They crossed the line to show how the bottom half can represent the waves dying out. The brother with the red text was eager to ride the huge wave even though the waves would die out quickly.

For this comic, I wanted to focus on the drawing, but also on the storytelling. The drawing of the waves are too great, but you can tell there are waves because of the squiggly lines which are supposed to represent the water and the brother’s conversation which mainly talks about the waves. For my storytelling, I decided to focus on the end when the brother said that they done enough. This might cause readers to raise the question on why they didn’t ride the wave even though it was there the whole time.

I also thought of Scott McCloud’s idea of interdependent. All on page 155 shows conversation between people, but the people talking may not be featured or they talk about another topic that may be in front of them. For example, on page 155, shows a man who looks raggedy and dirty while another person asks, “I ask you, does this guy look like a C.E.O. to you??” I decided to use that same idea but rather it is about two brothers and the topic is about the wave that is in front of them.

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