Weekly Blog: Show and Tell: Shira Feinberg

Created by Shira Feinberg

My comic this week looks takes a look into the stars and the beauty of the universe through the lens of two people. Although we do not see the people, we can see their conversation between one another. This is seen through both the speech bubbles and the written word constellation in the sky. This an illustration of montage as the words are integrated into parts of the picture; the constellation makes up the words “Look at all the stars.” Some other word-picture combinations which are seen in my comic are duo-specific and picture specific. In the first cell, we see a bit of picture specific combination with “WOW” illustrating how gorgeous the night sky is, behind the mountains. Duo-specific word-picture combination is seen as the words tell the identical story of those of the picture.

              For this comic, I decided to focus more on using the shape tool to create the mountain along with making the stars using the polygon shape. Another shape I used was the line, to make the shooting star. I also made the text bubble through the shape tool, using the polygon (3 sided) and an oval. Other tools that I used, included the text tool and the gradient tool. These allowed me to create the text in the text bubble, the text in the sky, and the night sky. Overall, I noticed that these tools were fairly easy to use or at least compared to the pen tool, which took me a long time to get the hang of.

              This comic uses a lot of moment to moment, with the stars beginning to come out in the night sky, seeing the Milky Way come out, and the shooting star entering the image. As per time frame, there is one location in which this is seen, and time is questioned. That is the first three frames in the second line, where the image of the mountain with the Milky Way is split up into three frames. This may take the reader a second to realize that it is one image rather than a story that goes either down or right.

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