Weekly Blog: Show and Tell: Anthony Sanchez

See yaa later Quarantine by Anthony Sanchez
  1. My comics uses interdependent word picture combinations by using a duo specific comic style. With this comic I believe I captured the style well because both the comic and the word combination show the exact same meaning. And made the comic to were everything flows together well. 
  2. With my comic you can say that I used picture specific comic style because the words purpose isn’t as big as the comic itself. But my intentions were more for the duo specific comic style. But if I had to see it in another style it could fit under that style of comics. 
  3. With tools and techniques, I used my iPad to create my comic. With this I decide to use different brushes that I had on the program to capture different aspects. For example, I used color and exaggerated the line types on the main focus of the comic. As well with the words I made it bold to share spotlight alongside the drawing. 
  4. With the other observations that I learned were more digital then that of materialistic. I learned certain tools of sending some stuff to the back of the project with the app’s functions. As well how to use mask layers with this app, which is similar to what we learned in class. 
  5.  With the closure that I have going on here it’s more of a subject to subject. Although my comic is a single comic, I could have made it to a two-part comic to better have shown this type of style. 
  6. With this comic I do work inventively with the comic. For example, based on things that I’ve seen before I create the comic that I think fits the prompt. So, with this I wanted it to be more of a joke about how I feel about once the quarantine is over with. 
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