Weekly Blog: Show and Tell: Jasper Contreras

Weekly Comic by Jasper Contreras created in Adobe Illustrator

Similar to last weeks comic, with all the quarantine and social distancing, I’ve found more time being alone than I’m used to. This sparked another comic of me continuously watching more anime since streaming services is about all the entertainment I’m getting now. 

For the most part, in general, it’s pretty interdependent because without the words it doesn’t mean exactly thee same thing. It could still give off the effect that someone is bored and finds a way to be entertained, but it’s the details that really specify what and how of these moments. In addition to the interdependence of the word-picture combination, I used picture-specific and additive combinations. 

I used a few combinations of word-picture combination, mostly just by assessing the general tone I had and experimenting with the panels themselves. A lot of the words used were picture-specific instances, only belonging to their respective frames, otherwise it wouldn’t make as much sense. As far as additive combinations go, I decided that it would be fun to try and make sound effects to amplify the actions happening in or out of the panels. For instance, I tried to make the sounds of Netflix opening and the sound it makes when you go through the different shows and movies. 

I created this similarly to last weeks, mostly using the paintbrush tool for line work, the blob brush for the actual coloring, and then the shape maker for the panels. Most of the words I wrote by hand exception for a couple of the captions I typed out. Although, this time I used more color than I had previously. Last weeks formation was more muted colors and then black and white, this time I tried to use more vibrant colors and just a lot more color in general. 

I did try using the pencil tool at some point because it has less of a “smoothing” effect that the paintbrush tool has and decided that wasn’t what I wanted. I’ve become even more comfortable using the drawing tools versus the shape creators, which was where most of my knowledge was in this program. 

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