Weekly Blog: Show and Tell: Rachel Fox

Rachel Fox April, 2020

This week’s comic was made in adobe illustrator, with the idea that the words and pictures used in the comic are interdependent on each other. I chose to write my comic about how a lazy quarantine has made me in comparison to the life of my cat. I chose this idea based on real life events of how lazy I have become and how bad my cat wants me to leave the house again. 

The words and images are interdependent on each other in the aspect that if you did not see the cat speaking or licking its paw in one of the panels you would think there is a very gross and lazy human not just a normal feline. The only panels that are mostly word dependent are the last two because it refers to the cat and there is no action occurring not being described by the words. 

In illustrator the main tools that I used were the shape tool to create the larger colored images and the curvature tool to make the shapes more unique and less uniform. The pen tool was used to create the detailed lines in my character’s face, as well as the cat’s whiskers, claws, and teeth. Every time I use the tools in illustrator I get more familiar with them and learn something new so it becomes easier to use. This time I learned more of the keyboard commands so I could select all my shapes and duplicate them without having to frequently click around the tool bar. 

The time frame that this comic works in is fairly short, Where there is a quick back and forth between the human and the cat and in the gutter at one point my human character takes a shower so in the last panel there is no stink lines and messy hair from just waking up.

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