Weekly Blog: Show and Tell: Devon Anderson

My Comic is interdependent because if you were to separate the words from the picture you would not be able to come to the same conclusion. The image depicts a star in the sky, and unfortunately my painting skills are not amazing so the reader could believe that a child has painted a canvas and stuck a star in the middle. If you read the wording you know that the star aids in navigation however, because you do not know if the star is in the sky, the star could be some kind of item. I would categorize my comic as Duo-Specific. I do not believe that either the picture or words weigh more than the other, both depict the same idea. 

I used the text tool to express the verbiage. That said, I believe that changing the font helped to give the feeling of magic. If the text had stayed original the effect would not push through. I used the star tool while holding the shift key to make the star not deform while resizing. I also changed the opacity so that the star would not stick out like a sore thumb. I used the line and square tools to create the outer box and separation between word and pictures. The most exciting tool I used was the painting tool, I played around with different texture strokes and decided on one that had a soft edge to show a mixture of colors while trying to recreate the sky, this stroke is called feather. After painting I rearranged the strokes so that no feathered color would pass over the border. I also added an extra border as the top layer so that it would look crisp and clean.

In this comic I did not utilize the idea of closure, you can see no actions or difference in time.

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