Weekly Blog: Show and Tell: Kirk Brown

For this weeks blog I made a comic with a much different theme than last week. Previously, I created a comic that made use of time frames. This week I decided to make a murder comic. I wanted to leave a lot of the interpretation of the comic to the reader. The parts of the comic that cannot be debated is that the two characters have a love conflict. It begins with the man giving his lover a rose. She’s sniffling with a very serious look in her face. We can tell she doesn’t appreciate the gesture by the man. Are they married? Is this the last straw? What is their past? Once again, this comic was created so YOU will create your own interpretation. Regardless, the woman pulls out a pistol and opens fire. In a moment of reconciliation she wipes off a tear and fires another shot. I wanted to create an action-to-action scene in these panels. The gunshots are interdependent on the “BANG” words that I drew. I would consider this comic duo-specific as Scott McCloud had explained to us this week. Much of the text goes hand-in-hand with the actions and illustrations.

Kirk Brown 2020 DTC 201

The comic ends with the woman repeating the phrase “I never loved you..,” for a third time. I wanted to express the insanity it takes for a person to kill one they once loved. The relationship drove this girl insane, which is why I ended it with her giving an eerie smile in a mirror as she repeats herself. I was inspired by the ending of the award-winning movie Sunset Boulevard when Norma Desmond greets the press with a smile after murdering her boyfriend. I used markers instead of colored pencils this week. The actual art I believe improved a lot. Much of the imagery takes on the style of great pop culture artist Roy Lichtenstein. I wanted create a 1950’s setting.

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