Weekly Blog: Living in Line: Shira Feinberg

For this weekly comic, I have decided to tell a short story about how a couple is sitting on the beach as the sun is setting, with a view of the mountains beyond the lake. Also, the short comic tells the story about an engagement. Throughout this strip, I tried to convey a calming feeling which then rapidly becomes an exciting feeling as the proposal happens. I tried to show the calming feeling with the stereotypical beach setting, with the mountains and sunsetting. Furthermore, I tried to use simple lines to represent the calmness and how they are sitting down watching the calming scenery change. In contrast, when I try to show excitement in the last slide, I added in fireworks and moved the sitting person’s hands up to their face.

Weekly Comic by Shira Feinberg

In order to create this comic, I tried to use the pen, brush, and shape tool, in order to try and convey the proposal story. Since I am new to Illustrator, I ran into a lot of issues using the pen tool and so my comic ended up being much simpler than I hoped for, originally. But this worked towards my advantage as it helped provide a calming feeling in the comic further helps to convey the calming feeling. I also tried to use the anchor and erase tool, to try and fix my mistakes, but again, I still ran into some trouble. Another tool I used, was the gradient tool, which helped me create the change in color, in the background.

In the comic that I made, there are several closure properties that can be seen. There is the obvious moment to moment, with the sunsetting and the people sitting closure together. There is also somewhat of a scene to scene as the sun is setting and the gradient in the sky is changing. Furthermore, there is an action to action, as the person stands up and pulls out the engagement ring to propose to the other person.

Lastly, I did not really question time in this comic, it is all fairly linear in time with the sun setting and the person moving towards the other person and proposing.

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