Weekly Blog: Living In Line: Anna Davenport

Comic Made by Anna Davenport 2020

I tried to convey two different emotions without using visible senses. The way I did that was I started with the human figure. I was going to put some emotions on his face but I remembered that in the reading in chapter five, McCloud talks about how there is not always going to be a face to convey the feeling that the reader should fee. Therefore, I left the facial features off of the character. Next, I worked on what I wanted to convey. I knew that I wanted to work with what the book explained to see if I could recreate the things from the reading because that is the best way, I learn is by doing what we learn. Therefore, I chose to do an image that felt loud by using thick lines with drastic color changes. To create this is used the brush tool in a
thick setting to make the explosion looking shape. With a dark black background, the loud looking shape looks more drastic making it the first thing that someone looks at when they see my comic. They then should move to the next box on my picture that has the character’s head and a ton of swirls. The reason I used the swirl tool was to make the reader see that the character was confused and or startled. The way that I made the character was also with the brush tool but with a less thick brush mode. As for closure that is taking place in my comic I think that the only part would be that you can tell that the character is human but you can’t see his facial features, therefore, you have to imply that this is either the back of their head or that they are human because of the shape of the character. I don’t think that I used time inventively except for that I did not have any time between the two frames. In chapter four McCloud talks about how if the author is meaning for there to be a lot of time between frames, they can add multiple frames of the same image. However, I wanted things to feel like they were going fast and so I went right from the loud shape to the confusion and startled character.

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