Weekly Blog: Living In Line: Feifan Li

In the comics of the thirteenth week, I want to convey the appearance of many students around me online classes, they often make a perfect plan but ignore the homework due to sufficient time. They are gradually lazy. The first picture I want to show is that this person has particularly sufficient time and perfect schedule to complete all his homework, but in the next three pictures, he chooses to play, choose to sleep and go out to relax. When I finally found out that there was not enough time, I was anxious and annoyed.

Weekly Comic by Feifan Li

The tools I chose this time were pencil and sketch paper because I took an art class this year and wanted to practice drawing techniques. The comics drawn with the pen will give people a simple sense of happiness and familiarity, and it is very convenient to watch. In a comic, I indicated the passage of time and the choices made by students by a wall clock. The reason why I did not use Illustrator for this assignment is that I am not skilled enough to use Illustrator. I think I may not be able to make comics that I think are good. Although the comics that I drew by hand are also not very nice.

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