Northwest Alternative Comics: Erin Rockwood

The ending of “Apocalypse Dad” by Taylor Dow.

The comics that most interested me in the ones we saw were the ones by Taylor Dow. My favorite of the 3 that I read of his was the one titled “Apocalypse Dad” where a father searches a barren city and forest for his lost daughter. The ending of all of Dow’s books were at least semi-existential, and a little creepy. Taylor Dow had a lot of repetition in his comics, he would close up on things by using the same panel over and over with only a slight change. Dow’s panels were also cool because the spaces between each panel were so thin that he could bleed things together easier when needed. He also works in black and white, with highly contrasted areas. He uses the black and white to emphasize difference and change in his panels. Dow mostly worked with smaller panels set in a 6*6 grid, like in the picture provided, so when he used full page spread it was very effective for the reader to understand the weight of those pages.

There was some cool ways that Dow used time frames in his comics. In Apocalypse Dad he shows a crowd that slowly disperses from panel to panel, but he has not lines in between his panels so it bleeds together.

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