Northwest Alternative Comics: Rachel Fox

This is a digital comic from Artist Ellen Forneys digital collection. Ellen Forney – Comics,

For this post I chose to analyze something from Ellen Forney Web collections, I was unable to attend the WSU Art Museum Collection Study Center so am opting this as my media choice. The piece is a one panel comic about spiders in a home ec class. The comic is one moment of time but has a whole story captured in it. The spider teacher demeaning the spider student named Lawrence over his minimalist artistic web design tells a whole tale of Lawrence not wanting to be caught in a life of web building but creative web design. The faces are very abstract and simply illustrated so it is easier to grasp them as a human like face in a day to day situation. It is also easier to project oneself into the spider situation because there is so little to the face and design you can only recognize it as a face or a being with a certain emotion. 

The illustration in the comic is fairly simple but intentional. The varying line thickness in the border and detail illustrations create a sense of motion and energy in the still background. The slightly muted but spring tones chosen for the color pallet give the comic life and energy and the young spiders being pastel spring tones makes them seem young like this comic is occurring in an elementary school or middle school. 

This  short moment in time holds an interesting time frame because the flow of the comic keeps things moving from the text to the art that Lawrence the spider made then the other student art. Lastly you see Lawrence and his reaction that occurs to the teachers statement. The shifting of the clock in one panel is well displayed here because the construction of the comic is in such a way that it is clear how the reader will pass through it so everything makes sense at the right time. 

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